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Secuestrado un barco con varios españoles frente a las costas de Togo

Posted by jonkepa en septiembre 14, 2011

Mapa de Togo

Un barco ha sido secuestrado este miércoles, con varios tripulantes españoles a bordo, a unas 60 millas frente de las costas de Togo, según han informado fuentes del Ministerio de Asuntos Exteriores español.

Varios ciudadanos españoles son parte de la tripulación de un barco -con 23 personas a bordo- secuestrado a 60 millas de las costas de Togo, según han informado fuentes del Ministerio de Asuntos Exteriores.

El barco no es de bandera española, sino chipriota. No se ha podido determinar de momento el tipo de embarcación ni cuándo exactamente fue secuestrado o por quiénes. La embajada de España en la República de Ghana está al frente de todas las acciones sobre este secuestro, han dicho las fuentes.

El pasado mayo fueron liberados dos marineros españoles que permanecieron secuestrados durante 137 días por piratas somalís que asaltaron la embarcación Vega 5, de bandera mozambiqueña, al suroeste de las Islas Comoras, frente a las costas de Mozambique.

Cadena SER


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The Walters Art Museum. Ancient Egypt and Nubia

Posted by jonkepa en septiembre 14, 2011

Egyptian Incense Burner. 7th-4th century BC (late Third Intermediate-Late Period). Click to go.

A staff of priests and priestesses performed the daily rituals of the Egyptian temple. A chief priest tended to the cult image of the temple’s god or goddess, in the name of the king, who was thought to have daily need of food and clothing. Lesser ranking priests attended to offerings and performed the minor parts of the temple rituals. Incense burners were used extensively in temple and funerary ceremonies to purify the sacred space. The handle of this incense burner ends in a falcon’s head. At the center is a figure of a king kneeling before a cartouche-shaped pan that held incense pellets. The other end (now missing) was shaped like a hand holding a small pan for burning the incense.

Model of a River Boat. ca. 2050 BC (Middle Kingdom). Click to go.

Twelve oarsmen, a helmsman, and a pilot, or look-out, ferry their passenger, the tomb-owner. Such models were associated with religious beliefs, as they symbolized the journey of the deceased to Abydos, the traditional burial place of Osiris, lord of the afterworld. The tomb-owner is clothed with a shroud and is shown with a blue beard. This boat was probably placed in the tomb to assist the deceased in navigating the Nile of the underworld. Typically, models of passenger ships found in Middle Kingdom tombs occur in pairs. One to travel south, equipped with a sail, as the wind in Egypt blows constantly from north to south, and the other (as this model shows) propelled by rowers aided by the Nile’s current, to travel north. Lee el resto de esta entrada »

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